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Grace Escorts offers an exclusive VIP escort service for men with special requirements. You want a hot adventure, a casual date in a sparkling atmosphere, an intoxicating night. All of this describes our VIP escort service. Our ladies are not only in the foreground because of their extraordinary appearance and their sensual aura. They also enrich all kinds of occasions with their presence, whether informal or formal. They are skilled at instantly captivating any man and they know exactly what they are doing. At our VIP Escort Agency, the wishes of our clients are very important. We can offer a suitable VIP escort lady for every preference: From blonde to brown-haired to redhead, from trained to sensually curvy, from model to VIP escort student – there is guaranteed to be something for every taste.

Our ladies are always experienced in dealing with the lords of creation. You are looking in vain for a faux pas here, because the ladies are able to adapt themselves perfectly to the circumstances. This is also reflected in their elaborate styling. The VIP escort lady always shines with a good dose of class and elegance. Choose your personal dream woman and make a long-awaited wish come true: a romantic date, an erotic adventure or a short trip to one of our numerous locations. You alone decide where your personal journey will go! But what can be guaranteed: Our VIP escort agency will make this trip unforgettable for you. If you can already feel the tingling sensation and want nothing more than to lie next to your own VIP escort student, then book our service! Look forward to an unforgettable meeting, an unforgettable night and very private hours for two.

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Our VIP escort service - the new form of luxury

A life of wealth amidst all material possessions is what most wealthy people would call luxury. To own everything one has ever dreamed of and a never-ending abundance – for many this is a life of pure luxury. Whether a dinner in the most renowned establishments, high-quality jewelry, lots of horsepower in the garage or expensive designer things – these are all just material goods and possessions. Traveling in your own plane and taking time out in the most expensive locations on earth are also part of the list if you want to be in the top ten thousand. What our VIP Escort Agency can offer you makes your material wealth look pale. A unique form of luxury awaits you that you are guaranteed not to have known before: your very personal temporary friend, tailored to your needs and only there for you. With us you will find beautiful models or your hot VIP escort student, the choice is entirely yours. If you still believe that you are indulging in luxury and that you already have everything there is to own, then you are obviously not one of our satisfied clients. Simply change that at your next business meeting or your next stay abroad. You will not regret it!

Your own VIP escort lady for all occasions

If the first impression is just as important to you as it is to us, then we are a perfect match here. No matter what your preferences are, we are guaranteed to have the right counterpart for you. And that will literally take your breath away. Your VIP escort lady will immediately wrap you around her finger and read your every wish from your eyes. Starting with the first meeting, she will cast a spell over you with her manner and her tender looks. And you will see why the VIP escort agency was the best choice you could have made. When choosing the ladies for our VIP escort, we proceed meticulously and with a lot of dedication. After all, we would like to offer a unique VIP escort service and this also includes hand-picked, extraordinary women. Of course, we also pay attention to the external appearance. With our women, the curves are exactly where they belong. They always appear well-groomed and lavishly styled and are a real feast for the eyes, no matter where they go. Elegant dresses and lovely lingerie are part of the wardrobe of every VIP escort lady. When choosing your lady, you can of course express certain preferences regarding the desired outfit. After all, your VIP escort student would like to be particularly sexy and beautiful for you. The ladies from Grace Escorts are therefore booked for formal evening events as well as for informal meetings. Everything is possible! The ladies from the VIP escort always make a professional and positive impression and are guaranteed to win the hearts of your colleagues. It is not just the provocative appearance that drives the masters of creation crazy. Your personal VIP escort lady has exquisite manners – both at the table and in small talk with your colleagues and business partners. Therefore, she can also be presented outside of the hotel room and will impress everyone with her charm and cultivated manner. Your VIP escort student is smart, funny and always polite. Behind the locked hotel room door, she will later transform into your hot companion. The adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you! Are you ready?

VIP escort without obligations

Some days are simply too short: the alarm clock has just rang and then you are already sitting in a never-ending business meeting. And before you know it, the end of the working day is approaching and, after a few overtime and strenuous projects, you will feel completely exhausted and drained. Imagine what it would be like if there was a family waiting at home who wanted your full attention after a busy day. Wouldn’t it be more appealing to know that after work fun is waiting and you can spend a few sensual hours in the arms of your personal VIP escort student. It is precisely these moments that make our work so important, because this is where our VIP escort agency comes in the game. We provide you with the varied evening that you deserve and ensure that our ladies from the VIP escort are a welcome distraction that you will not soon forget. Book your very own VIP escort student for a hot night, start with a relaxed dinner and then retreat to an exclusive hotel room together. And the next morning you will wake up with no hurt feelings or reproaches waiting for you. Our VIP escort lady will discreetly say goodbye to you and leave you with your memories of the previous night. It is precisely this kind of adventure without any obligations that makes us the best VIP escort agency. You book your personal experience of the extra class and that without consequences and without any obligations. And you are also the one who decides what will happen: Are you just in the mood for a nice evening togetherness Or is there no limits to you after a wild night full of erotic fantasies.

VIP escort means above all absolute discretion

Escortservice Zürich

Our VIP escort primarily ensures your unlimited pleasure. Our company philosophy also includes, above all, discretion in relation to our clients. None of us like bad surprises! Our professionalism and our satisfied clients are of the utmost importance to us. Confidentiality and secrecy are a matter of course here in our VIP escort service. All that matters is that you are completely satisfied with our work. Of course, our ladies are always reserved and discreet when dealing with gentlemen. The discretion therefore applies to both sides. This shows that we only do serious work and simply do not accept missteps. Most of our ladies see the time with our clients as a casual, little adventure in the background. Many of them have full-time jobs in the private sector and cannot afford to make mistakes themselves. Of course, it should stay that way. Don’t worry about your reputation or sensitive information about yourself. After an exciting adventure, everyone goes their own way again and there are no risks. Many of our clients appreciate this mysterious atmosphere and the aura of beautiful strangers. After all, what seems to us to be forbidden is always the most appealing, isn’t it? Surrender to your pleasure without worrying about the possible consequences. We offer you adventure, sparkling eroticism, hours together and, above all, one thing: security. For this reason, many well-known personalities are among our clients. They also trust us and that makes us proud and our VIP escort service is unique. So don’t worry too, and place your trust in us and our ladies. You will not regret it! Your booking details are safe with us. We can also guarantee that no third party has access to your personal data. Our booking systems are regularly checked by specialists and are absolutely secure. You are welcome to take us at our word! Nothing stands in the way of your very personal adventure.

VIP escort in the most exclusive locations

Who doesn’t dream of an exclusive world tour We at Grace Escorts therefore not only offer the most beautiful ladies, but also an adventure of a different kind. In addition, clients can travel to many selected locations with our ladies . Short trip pleasant Who can resist when they have such a lovely lady by their side, right? Grace Escorts makes your dreams come true. Be inspired by the following locations and book your personal travel adventure today! 

Escortservice Zürich

VIP Escort Service Zurich

Known as the most beautiful city in Switzerland, Zurich offers a wonderful mixture of modern big city charm and timeless elegance. You will find the most expensive luxury boutiques here, as well as world-famous, excellent restaurants and, of course, the corresponding establishments, to which you can withdraw together with your lady from the VIP escort when the urban jungle goes to your head and you are looking for a tingling diversion. 

VIP Escort Service Geneva

If the environment is important to you, then you should make a detour to Geneva. Nestled between the Alps and the Jura Mountains, you will find Lake Geneva in front of a breathtaking and romantic mountain panorama. Start dreaming. Take a walk along the lake with your lady from the VIP escort in your arms, enjoy the tender touch and spend an exciting and tingling time in a beautiful hotel with a view. If you are drawn to the center, you will find yourself here in one of the world’s most respected financial metropolises. Here, too, you will find expensive shopping temples and exclusive restaurants where you can fortify yourself before setting off on your love adventure.

Escort Service Genf
Escort Service Basel

VIP Escort Service Basel

History fans should be drawn to Basel, the third largest city in Switzerland. This is where the first Swiss university was founded and this is also an important point of view for many important pharmaceutical companies. Bordering France and Germany, Basel has a unique culture that is worth discovering. You and your lady from the VIP escort take a long walk, stop by one of the many cafés and later retire to their shared domicile of lust. 

VIP Escort Service Lugano

Do you want more nature? Then book your personal dream date in Lugano. The colorful town delights with the mix of Italian influence and the breathtaking Swiss nature. In addition, Lake Lugano offers a perfect place to relax, indulge in the deep gaze of your lady from VIP escort and sink into romantic daydreams. Enjoy a unique view of the mountain panorama while you let yourself be pampered by your lady of love. 

Escort Service Lugano
Escort Service Mailand

VIP Escort Service Milan

Who doesn’t like to dive into the sweet life of Italy for a short trip? Take your lady and spend a unique date in Milan. Stroll on the picturesque streets, visit the Milan Cathedral and indulge yourself completely in the Italian flair. It is best to book an establishment with a view of Milan Cathedral. There could hardly be a more romantic view in Milan. And when she has enchanted this beautiful city, they surrender to their lust together in their room and sink into the sheets. 

VIP Escort Service Monaco

Monaco is exactly the right place for sun worshipers: sun-tanned, sweaty bodies on the French Mediterranean coast, right on the world-famous Côte d’Azur. What could be hotter? We’d also think of something. How about an exclusive yacht excursion In the large marina there is sure to be a suitable, floating love domicile for you and your lady from VIP Escort. It couldn’t be more extraordinary!

Escort Service Monaco
Escortservice St. Moritz

VIP Escort Service St. Moritz

Or may it be the complete opposite St. Moritz, decried as a luxury ski resort by the super-rich, offers all ski bunnies, and those who want to become one, a wonderful, fairytale-like white terrain. Take the opportunity and bring your lady to the slopes. The reward awaits later in your luxurious hotel room: a lustful lady who hugs you very closely in front of the crackling open fire and who will read your every wish in your eyes. 

VIP Escort Service London

The British capital is probably the biggest contradiction in terms: Shrill, crazy fashion next to Buckingham Palace and the Queen. It couldn’t be more unusual! Treat yourself to a little city tour and shop in the hottest boutiques in the British designer world. Let your lady from VIP Escort advise you. With her excellent sense of fashion and aesthetics, she knows exactly what suits you. As a reward, give her an unforgettable night in the royal metropolis. 

Escort Service London
Escort Service Dubai

VIP Escort Service Dubai

Would you like to write your own fairy tale of 1001 nights? Then you will feel very welcome in Dubai. Here you and your loved one can admire modern, architectural wonders next to a historic old town. In addition, Dubai offers plenty of potential for hot adventures where they can get closer to each other without being noticed. How about a trip to the exciting markets of Dubai or a ride on a camel at sunset. Then they can have fun behind closed doors and live out all their fantasies together.

You are about to have an important event and you are still missing the right accompaniment

You have probably already found yourself in the uncomfortable situation of an important business meeting and you find yourself surrounded by colleagues, their wives and critical looks. Grace Escorts offers you a great solution for these occasions. In the future, get yourself out of the firing line of questioning glances and book your personal companion for the evening. A positive side effect: Your colleagues will be so enraptured by your company that they will completely forget the probing questions about your private life. Our ladies are familiar with such situations and always move professionally and confidently. With wit and charm, your lady from VIP Escort will wrap your colleagues around your finger so quickly that you will completely forget that the lady is only your temporary friend. You are guaranteed to feel good and enjoy a carefree evening. Our women are smart, cosmopolitan, speak at least one foreign language and can move perfectly on the classical dance floor. So you can be seen with the lady both at foreign business partners and at official evening events. Enjoy the envious looks of your colleagues and give in to your pleasure. The climax will follow later in the evening, if you wish. 

Our ladies from Grace Escorts look forward to seeing you!

You are currently planning a business trip or would like to go on a relaxed short trip, but you are not accompanied. Please contact us today and let us find out together which of our lovely ones Ladies suits you and your project!