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One thing is particularly important to our discerning gentlemen of today: the feeling of uniqueness. Something only he can get. Our escort service in Geneva more than lives up to these high expectations. We will arrange your individual and unique adventure. From casual shepherds to romantic dates where you can enjoy all the benefits of togetherness – you can enjoy the most exclusive and professional escort service in Geneva. Our carefully selected ladies not only take care to impress you with their always well-groomed and attractive appearance. They have so many more advantages to offer and are just waiting to be able to present them to you in all their diversity. Are you looking for a woman who can not only amaze you with her beauty, but who also meets your requirements on an intellectual level? Then you should definitely convince yourself of our high quality service. No matter how unusual your taste may be: With us you are guaranteed to find the lady of your dreams. Our models are all unique in their own way. 

We have both natural blondes and racy brunettes who will blow your head. Since our models always pay attention to their appearance, all curves are in the right place here. Whether female or sporty – our ladies will convince you all along the line. You can be sure: the ladies of our escort service in Geneva know how to make your heart race. You won’t just remember Geneva as a brave bustling city. Thanks to the lady of your dreams, the city will cast its spell on you for a long time. Even the longest stay, like all the finer things in life, will pass too quickly. However, our ladies make sure that you will remember every single second. Whether the innocent, playful romance of a first date or a hot night over the rooftops of Geneva – with a lady from our escort service, every fantasy is open to you. Take a close look at our models: their flawless skin, hot curves and sexy lingerie – one of these pretty ladies could be your next adventure.

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Escort Service Geneva is your definition of luxury

Have you ever wondered at some moments in your life whether you really have everything that makes you completely happy? Many people answer yes far too often and far too quickly at this point. No wonder! Wealth, property, power, being wealthy – all this is primarily defined by material things. A big bank account, expensive watches, fast cars, designer suits or dinner every evening in the most exclusive starred restaurants of our time? How do you define luxury? A multi-million dollar yacht? Jet around the world with first class flights? More money than you can count? Our escort service in Geneva offers you a form of luxury that you will not find a second time. Our models are all breathtakingly beautiful, flawless and educated young women who have made it their business to show you what true luxury means. You have an exclusive offer at your disposal that you will not find anywhere else. Our ladies offer almost any kind of arrangement to make your dreams come true. You alone determine how your dream woman should look and which fantasy you want to live out with her. Do you wish for the sexy Latina who will drive you crazy with her curves and give you an unforgettable wild night? Or do you dream of an arrangement with the chaste blond schoolgirl? Our ladies are open to everything. You decide how you want your adventure to begin. Perhaps you have always dreamed of a secret meeting with the “stranger” in the hotel? Or romantic love games after a first date? No matter what you choose: you will not forget this adventure anytime soon. Our ladies will make sure that none of your wishes remain unfulfilled, none of your fantasies remain unfulfilled and all your needs are satisfied. This is our definition of luxury. If you now feel like paying a visit to Geneva, then we are guaranteed to have the right company for you.

Escort Service Geneva has the right lady for every occasion ...

… you can only find us. It’s not for nothing that we are the most booked escort agency in Geneva. We have made it our business to make men like you happy. And that with a good dose of exclusivity and of course professionalism. Because no matter what occasion you are looking for an escort – we are guaranteed to have the right counterpart. Our ladies will inspire you – in every way. When you meet your chosen one for the first time, you will be able to convince yourself of our excellent service. Our ladies are surrounded by a unique aura full of attraction. She will present herself to you sensual and attractive and will not miss any opportunity to show you what to expect at the end of the evening. We make sure that in the end you are spoiled for choice. Only models who meet the high demands of our satisfied customers become part of our agency. You will notice for yourself that we measure with the highest standards. Our models master the balancing act between eroticism and elegance in the greatest perfection. This is also reflected in their style of clothing. If you have decided on a lady, a beautiful lady awaits you who will wear her tightest dress and her top-quality lingerie especially for you, without appearing primitive or even cheap. This is precisely what is very important for today’s discerning gentleman. After all, your chosen one will be happy to accompany you to serious business lunches or to the trade fair. There she will make the best impression and also leave your colleagues speechless. Our ladies are clever, articulate and charming. With this you will wrap every business partner around your finger in no time and prove to you that you have not only a disreputable bed playmate but also a sophisticated evening companion by your side. When making our selection, we primarily pay attention to good manners and a certain level of education. See for yourself!

Guaranteed no obligations with the escort service Geneva

What is your everyday life like? Do you also feel that you only exist between your many appointments and meetings and that your own needs have been neglected lately? When was the last time you took a little break? Many men long after a long day at work to finally be able to switch off. However, due to the hectic everyday work, there is no time for togetherness. Especially not for togetherness with obligations. Have you ever heard of a part-time friend? This is exactly what many gentlemen are looking for. Proximity and togetherness – but without obligations or responsibility. What if we tell you that this is what defines our service? A casual adventure where it is clear from the outset that the togetherness only lasts for one night and each of you will go his own way afterwards – without stress, hurt feelings or obligations. Imagine an arrangement that is tailored to your personal wishes, to your personal everyday work. You will meet the lady of your dreams, enjoy getting to know each other and exchange meaningful looks. Perhaps you will start the evening with a candlelit dinner or an evening stroll through the quiet city while you whisper to each other what to do with each other later when night falls. All that matters is that one evening. You decide how it should look and what you want from the lady. You determine how the evening begins and how it ends – and above all when. It counts neither yesterday nor tomorrow, only this one evening. Which fantasy have you always wanted to live out? Or do you just want to lean back after a stressful day and let the lady pamper you? Whatever you want to do, our escort service in Geneva will be happy to make sure that you feel completely at ease. After your adventure together, you say goodbye to the lady and can start the new day relaxed. And maybe you catch yourself sitting at your desk thinking about the night before? To your part-time lover …

Discretion is our top priority

Of course, our escort service primarily offers casual and erotic arrangements in order to give the gentlemen of creation an unforgettable time. But data protection is also very important to us. So discretion in relation to your data and your person is our top priority. It is not for nothing that we are named as one of the most professional escort agencies in Geneva. Our escort service takes the protection of your personal data for granted. After all, we want you to be satisfied and, of course, want to use our service repeatedly without having to worry about your data or your reputation. By the way, this philosophy also applies to our ladies. Most of you have a day-to-day job in which you behave just as seriously and professionally as with us and our customers. Working with us is just as much an adventure for the ladies as it is for you. You are confident that this adventure will have no negative consequences – just like you do. We therefore guarantee the utmost confidentiality on the part of our ladies, as this is in the interests of both parties. We want both sides – our ladies and you – to be able to enjoy the adventure that is going on between the two of them with a clear conscience. Our ladies are there to make you happy. After they have had fun with each other, they go back to their everyday life. This idea also has its charm. To know that you have just tossed through the sheets with the woman of your dreams and can still smell her scent on the pillow after she’s long gone. That is also part of the arrangement. So do not worry: Your reputation is not endangered just because you have allowed yourself a little break with the help of our escort service in Geneva. Celebrities, athletes and even men from high politics are among our satisfied customers. They put their trust in us and we make sure that they are rewarded accordingly. You can therefore be sure that both your booking and your other personal data are in the safest of hands with us. Here, too, our work is characterized by the utmost care and professionalism. Nothing stands in the way of your personal adventure.

A day in Geneva with our escort service

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Anyone who wants to experience Switzerland from its classic and affluent side should not miss an adventure in Geneva. Geneva lies between the Jura Mountains and the Alps on the lake of the same name. As dreamy and romantic as it sounds, the city is bustling and sublime. Geneva is known worldwide as a banking and financial metropolis and is one of the largest cities in Switzerland, not least because of the headquarters of the United Nations of Europe. Geneva is also at the top of the list when it comes to quality of life. Our escort service in Geneva will of course also contribute to your quality of life, should you choose one of our ladies as your companion on your next visit. Stroll together through fine boutiques, dine in top-class restaurants and let yourself be pampered by star chefs. Thanks to the lady at your side, Geneva will be your very own personal break. Immerse yourself in the romance that this city has to offer and let one of our ladies take you on a little adventure trip that you will not soon forget. You will probably hardly have eyes for the city and will only be waiting to be allowed to disappear into a luxurious hotel room with your lady. She will give you your own little wellness trip and make your most lustful fantasies come true for you. You decide what the lady should do for you! The time belongs to both of you and should be as hot and tingling as possible for you. Our ladies will ensure that this experience is burned into your memory forever. Perhaps you would like to start off calmly and spend a whole day with the lady of your dreams? So how about a cozy brunch first? They can get to know each other a little better and discuss what their day together should look like. Exchange first glances! Gently touch her hand! Do you feel the little sparks jumping between the two of you? Then you can set off for a relaxed stroll through Geneva’s old town – a good opportunity to hold your hand and feel the first touch. Warm intertwined hands and the soft skin of your chosen one. What better opportunity to explore than a romantic stroll? Past the large shop windows of the noble boutiques. And maybe you decide to go shopping on the spur of the moment? Our ladies are of course also the ideal fashion consultants and will be happy to help you choose the most exclusive suits, shirts, shoes or watches. Enjoy your time together! Let yourself be pampered! Your lady will give you one compliment after the other and just make you melt away. This is your special day! Enjoy the lady by your side! It’s all yours.

If you want a more extended experience, our ladies can also be booked for a short trip and will be happy to accompany you wherever you want to go. How about, for example, a romantic weekend trip to the mountains? Or on Lake Geneva? This is also part of our service. You are also welcome to let your wishes run free and take our ladies on a short vacation. We all need a “change of scenery” from time to time, want to escape everyday life and leave the stress behind us. Ideally, of course, with the perfect accompaniment. Make your dream come true and treat yourself and your lady of love to a weekend full of lust, eroticism and fantasies! Our escort service in Geneva also enables longer trips by arrangement. Our ladies will be happy to accompany you on longer stays abroad or on international business trips. Discover foreign cultures together and indulge your desires at night! Everything is possible. Geneva is also very convenient in this regard: Geneva Airport is the second largest airport in Switzerland and offers both continental and international flights. So what are you
waiting for? You and your part-time lover have every opportunity to organize their adventure together. She will be happy to accompany you on an exotic adventure.

Escort Service Geneva
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You have probably already experienced the following situation: The next business lunch or an important business meeting is imminent. All of your colleagues come with company and you can no longer avoid unpleasant questions about your love life. This is where our ladies come into play. They are happy to accompany you to your business events and show their cultured and charming side there. Your temporary friend will not embarrass you, because she not only speaks the general courtesy label but also various languages, so that communicating with foreign colleagues at international business meetings will not be a problem. Our ladies are changeable and flexible and are whatever you want: Serious evening companion or hot playmate. They accompany you to upscale evening events or plunge into Geneva nightlife with you. No matter what wish our ladies are allowed to fulfill: They will do it with dedication and passion. Your colleagues will go green with envy and envious glances from other evening guests are guaranteed. But you know the old saying: a gentleman enjoys and is silent.

Most secret fantasies, deepest longings - let them come true with the Escort Service Geneva!

Your wishes and fantasies have top priority with our ladies from the Escort Service Geneva. They will treat all your preferences with respect and discretion. Our ladies know no prejudices and have made it their business to satisfy you completely. In the arms of your chosen one, you will quickly forget your everyday stress, because our ladies will read your every wish from your eyes. Your hot part time friend is a passionate and experienced lover who will put your needs first and will turn night into day with you. Whatever you have in mind: Our ladies will ensure that your adventure is crowned with a crown that you will not soon forget. Everything can, does not have to be! For example, have you always dreamed of a hot role-playing game? Our ladies let your imagination become reality and are happy to slip into the most exciting roles for you. Or maybe the classic menage-a-trois will give you wet dreams? Here, too, our service is of course ready to make this arrangement possible. In all the tingling adventures, body care is always a top priority for our ladies. No matter which type of liaison you choose: A fragrant and seductive lady is waiting for you, who – all for you – has wrapped herself in her most exclusive lingerie. Or maybe you have your own extravagant ideas about the lingerie of your sweetheart. Our ladies are happy to take your wishes into account here too. Whether fine lace, soft silk or provocative lacquer and leather – there are no limits to your imagination. Let yourself be pampered with a hot full body massage or imaginative love positions. Or hot games in the shower?

The most exclusive hotels for your exclusive adventure

Let yourself be pampered in one of Geneva’s most luxurious establishments. Here you can choose from an impressive selection of top-class star hotels. We have selected the three most exclusive hotels for you. Get inspired by us!

The Ritz Carlton Hotel de la Paix in Genf

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel de la Paix in Geneva

5 stars of pure luxury and a dreamy view over the city: The Ritz-Carlton is perfect if you and your chosen one want to enjoy a few romantic hours together. And if you don't want to be disturbed and don't want to get out of bed, there is room service that provides you and your lady with fine wines and other delicacies.

Four Seasons Hotel des Berges in Genf

Four Seasons Hotel des Berges in Geneva

You can also expect 5 star luxury here! Treat yourself to a suite with your own balcony and fireplace and let yourself be pampered by the lady of your dreams with a cozy, warm open fire. The view of the mountain panorama is free on top.

Hotel Beau Rivage in Genf

Hotel Beau-Rivage in Geneva

The third 5-star candidate in the round. Here, too, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountains and make your dreams come true in a romantic atmosphere. Almost all of the hotels mentioned here won the Travelers' Choice Award in 2019. No matter which establishment you choose: Your lady will be impressed and be yours!

Our escort service Geneva - your first address when it comes to your most exclusive wishes

As careful and extravagant the selection of our ladies is, our escort service is just as careful and extravagant. Have we made you curious? Then take a look at our stunning models and choose your companion for your next stay in Geneva now. We guarantee that you will not soon forget this adventure.