Booking an High-Class Escort Model

We at Grace Escorts are very pleased that you have decided on one of the exclusive high-class escort models and thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us. Grace Escorts has made it its mission to ensure that you have an unforgettable high-class escort experience. Your request is non-binding until it is confirmed. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Handling the payment of the High Class Escort Service

The easiest way is to pay in cash at the beginning of your date. Please have the full amount ready in an open envelope, which you hand over to the high-class lady at the beginning of the date without being asked. If the business has been clarified right from the start, you and the escort lady you have chosen can indulge in pleasure uninhibitedly.

Of course, we also accept bank transfers, as well as PayPal and Western Union. However, these payment methods are only accepted if the date takes place at a later date. Please note that with this payment method, the booking cannot be confirmed until the agency has received the payment. If the high-class escort model needs to arrive, the deposit must be made in advance by bank transfer.

What happens if I cancel my booked high-class escort date

It’s very unfortunate if that happens, but it can’t be changed. If you are prevented for various reasons, so that you have to cancel the date, you can of course do so, provided that the high-class escort model you have booked has not yet arrived. If the lady has not yet left her place of residence, you only need to report this to the agency. We will then pass this message on. However, if this is the case because the cancellation was received too short notice, we will unfortunately have to charge you for the inconvenience. Tickets that have already been purchased cannot be refunded. Flight tickets that have already been purchased can also no longer be refunded.

If you have already paid a deposit for a date that you have to cancel, this cannot be refunded. The deposit already paid will be offset against your next booking. There are no exceptions to this. If, contrary to expectations, the high-class escort lady is not suitable for you upon arrival, despite careful selection, you have the right to cancel the appointment within the first 10 minutes by calling our high-class escort agency. In this case we ask you for a compensation of 200 CHF.

Please use the contact form to book the perfect high class escort model for your unforgettable high class escort experience. You can use this to tell us your wishes regarding the lady’s dress code, make-up and hairstyle. We then pass these wishes on to the respective high-class escort lady. Grace Escorts tries to answer all inquiries promptly and also to realize short-term bookings. Our office is occupied 14 hours a day, but it would be advisable to make timely inquiries by phone or WhatsApp.

We look forward to seeing you